Modern Medical Marketing

5 Tips for Modern Medical Marketing

In the modern marketplace, medical practices and doctors can have a tough time keeping up with the latest medical marketing methods and best practices. Here are some things to check if you’re doing to know how up to date you are:

1. Make sure you’ve claimed all of your online profiles

And if they don’t exist yet, create them on the major sites. Start with Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and Healthgrades. Getting listed in local directories such as these can dramatically increase your medical practice’s online exposure. It’s also important to make sure all of your business information is accurate, up to date, and compelling.

2. Encourage patients to review you online

I know that you may have received some bad reviews that are not indicative of the type of care that you provide. While there are some tricks to getting reviews removed, the simplest strategy is just to get the patients that like you to review you and drown out the outlying bad reviews.

3. Listen to your negative reviews

Often these reviews are unpleasant to read, but can offer simple takeaways that can help you improve your customer experience. For example if a couple of your bad reviews say that you have a long wait time, consider implementing a strategy to lower your average wait time.

4. Consider spending on Google Ads

Put your medical practice a step ahead of your competition by investing in Google Ads. You can easily target specific queries to help you begin attracting new patients online. 

5. Track how you’re investing, and the return on each investment

There’s no shortage of tools to help you track your return on investment. Consider using a HIPAA compliant call tracking software to help you determine which marketing and advertising efforts are driving the most amount of phone calls to your medical practice. Tracking this information will also help you test your advertising campaigns to be able to improve them over time.

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Written by Andrew Epprecht

As the Founder and CEO of Phase 5 Analytics, Andrew leads a team of healthcare marketers and consultants. He's been featured in publications like Forbes and Search Engine Watch. An entrepreneur at heart, Andrew started his first business in high school. While attending Duke University, he further developed his knowledge of online marketing and advertising. Today, Andrew uses these skills to help forward-thinking healthcare organizations attract new patients online.

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