OB/GYN Marketing & Advertising

Deciding which obstetrician or gynecologist to see is a huge decision in a woman’s life. As a doctor, you’re a trusted source of information and guidance, so potential patients are doing tons of research before picking up the phone and booking an appointment.

As an OB/GYN your online reputation and image is especially important. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that your practice adapts a tailored OB/GYN marketing plan.


Pay-per-click marketing

Through highly targeted and optimized Pay-Per-Click advertising, your practice will show up on search engines like Google whenever potential patients search for an obstetrician or gynecologist online. We’re able to target and optimize our advertisements by geography, online search terms, and demographics, ensuring that your ads are only ever showing up for women that are actively seeking an OB/GYN online.

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Reputation Management

Even when your patient care is great, people still sometimes get upset. It’s annoying, but it’s inevitable. What we do is simple: we make sure your biggest fans let the world know how great your practice is. One of our techniques is through non-intrusive targeted email campaigns, we subtly urge your patients to leave feedback on sites like Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, etc. Online reputation management is perhaps the most essential OB/GYN marketing technique, simply because of how many of your potential patients look at your online ratings and reviews.

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Search Engine Optimization

Showing up on Google whenever someone searches for an OB/GYN online is undoubtedly the key to your marketing success. While Pay-Per-Click is a way of paying your way to the top, Search Engine Optimization is how your earn your way to the top of Google. It’s a more lengthy approach, but it’s essential to any long term OB/GYN marketing plan.

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